TBF's Cattle Call

May 28, 2010

Need some low-brow, mindless entertainment for your holiday weekend? TBF's Cattle Call is here to sedate you from the worries of your Memorial Day stress. Here are a few things we stumbled upon while digging around in cyberspace. 

I Poo in Blue
It's like a mangled train wreck. You just can't look away! 

Where Seattle Gets its Musical Inspiration
The "Drumbrella." Fancy name. 

Cry Me a River Wall Street
These Japanese "Salarymen" work long hours and only sleep while on the go. Here's five of our favorite. 


See more here. 

The Mayo-lution Will Not be Televised 
Although the Miracle Whip rebrand is not the latest news, we still can't help making fun of it again and again. Especially after we saw their giant mural in the South Robertson neighborhood of L.A. Here's Stephen Colbert's take on the counter culture mayo-vement. 

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The Mayo-lution Will Not Be Televised


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